Interview with the Avatar Journal

Bill Lee, who has been an Avatar Master for the past five years, was horn in rural Michigan and has lived in Detroit for the past 33 years. He has a Masters degree in Social Work and spent 30 years of service in the mental health field as a Clinical Social Worker. He is also are ordained Minister and a Certified Massage Therapist.  He delivers in the Metropolitan Detroit area, Michigan, Midwest, San Francisco, Orlando, Atlanta and wherever there is a group of people who ward to grow. You can reach Bill by phone at 313-342-1350 or by email at AvatarUniverse©

AJ: Hour did you come to find Avatar?

Bill: A friend of mine gave me the Transparent Belief exercise from ReSurfacing, and in just a few minutes I easily revealed to myself the beliefs that were creating an experience I did not want to have. I had never solved a difficult problem so easily.

What I discovered in the Transparent Belief Exercise was that I had been masquerading through life pretending that relationships were wonderful and fulfilling. What I discovered was that I really believed that relationships were hard, that I had to do all the work, and that ultimately they were painful. Wow! I had spent years in self-awareness and self-discovery and was a trained therapist, and nothing had been so easy and so revealing. I decided to take the course.

AJ: How did your life change after Avatar?

On my course I created my retirement and financial independence. Everyone said I was much too young to get a retirement from my state job anytime in the near future. I wanted to shift gears and retire from my job in mental health in two to five years. I retired two years later. Prior to my partner's death, we were some $150,000 in debt without a prayer to pay it off. The long illness had taken its toll in many ways. After creating a primary to become financially independent on The Avatar Course, I let it go and did not pay that much attention to it. At the same time I was cleaning up all sorts of things in my life. Now financially, I am not just debt free and comfortable but indeed beyond what I would have considered financially independent. What an amazing transformation.

I think, most importantly, my life has continued to unfold in exciting and wonderful ways. All my relationships have improved. I have so much clear space in my being. I continue to create space and freedom where I had conflict and stress. The tools of Avatar have given me clarity and a path on continued unfolding self-awareness and creativity that is far beyond anything that I would have previously considered possible.

AJ: What do you feel is special about Avatar?

Avatar has given me a new understanding about life and how it works, a new understanding how we as human beings work, and a new understanding of how the world and universe work. I have spent my life studying philosophies, religions, psychology, and lots of self-awareness methodologies. Avatar's ability to easily and simply get behind the scenes of it all in order to discover how it all works is what is so very special about Avatar. It is revolutionary in its understanding of how it all works. It is groundbreaking in its ability to assist anyone with a bit of courage and self-honesty to make those discoveries for themselves.

AJ: What is your most interesting or memorable experience since delivering Avatar?

Bill: There are so many to choose from. I think that in my life-long search for the answers I always had the idea that in my maturity (old age) I would spend years on a mountaintop in India or Tibet with a guru searching for wisdom. It seemed that it would be a struggle, take years, and real wisdom and answers would come from outside of me.

One day during The Master Course, I suddenly realized that it was not on the outside of me. It was all on the inside. 1 just needed the right tools and keys to unlock the secrets of life. Avatar was just that. I no longer had to go on the search.

AJ. What do your feel is your role in assisting planetary transformation?

Because of my background and various identities I can wear, I seem to have a special ability to reach people from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds. It seems that I can touch others deeply and assist them in their own self-discovery. With the tools of Avatar they easily move through their biggest obstacles back to their most heartfelt goals. It seems that I have always wanted to be a part of a major planetary shift, and that is exactly what I am doing now.

AJ: How do you compare Avatar to therapy?

Bill: Avatar is clearly not therapy, but it is the most therapeutic thing I know or have experienced. I see people do more growth, handling issues, and coming into the fullness of themselves in the nine days of The Avatar Course than I have seen happen in years of therapy. They come out lighter, brighter, managing their lives more effectively with improvements in clarity in all areas of their lives. They also have ongoing tools to manage anything that could come up in their lives.

AJ: Would you recommend Avatar?

 Bill: Yes, people get to experience personal and spiritual transformation. Having studied many different practices, I really appreciate the simplicity of the Avatar tools and their ease at allowing people to easily and knowingly find their way home. The most esoteric concepts become real experience. The path is no longer a mystery. The path is known and clearly laid out. No matter the spiritual or religious background, people gain a depth of understanding that they find very gratifying.

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