Success Stories

The Success Stories from those who have experienced the Avatar Course are breathtaking and capture all areas of life and growth. 


Perhaps you are like me. For 10 years I was searching for a program/philosophy/approach to help me break free from my level of operating, growing and enjoying life. I knew the “True ME” was accessible, and once I unleashed this authentic self, I would experience more accomplishment, fulfillment and peace of mind.

Well I finally found it! The Avatar Course is what I was looking for. I encourage anyone to sidestep any concerns and just do it. They will thank themselves on the other side."



I feel calm, like I have never felt before, and so ME! Thank you for waking me up to be me, just the way I am!"

D. V.- Brazil


I have gone from someone who uses their victim-hood to stay small and to make sure nobody gets a win, to a Source Being ready for anything! ...I feel I have found myself again and I have remembered what I am here for."

M. W.- United Kingdom

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Chapter One: Abilities Gained
Chapter Two: Healing
Chapter Three: In Appreciation
Chapter Four: Searching
Chapter Five: Well Being
Epilogue: Your Next Step


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