Derek Stottlemyer, Licensed Avatar Master

Derek Stottlemyer

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30395 Cascade Court
Southfield, MI 48076
United States

Self introduction

I'm a father of two who has lived in Michigan for most of my life aside from 3 years in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps volunteer. To me, making a difference in the world has always been about connecting and empowering people.

I love the Avatar tools because they work on many levels and have such fast and profound results.

Students increase their ability to manage both their day to day as well as the overall direction of their lives. Connections become deeper and we are able to make a bigger impact in the world.

It's a profound journey that I am blessed to share.

If you would like to know more, or would like a personal one on one experience - please reach out. I'd love to talk.

Recommendation (Book / Reading)

My favorite reading? I love the book Private Lessons - especially the section on "Meeting as Strangers". I get more out of it each time I review it. It's just full of grace.

Recommendation (Exercise)

The exercise I use most often? Probably the Source List. I do the Source List (from Section 2) every day. It's a blessing, and puts me in charge of everything in my space. 

Recommendation (Video)

My favorite video? "How to Explain Everything" always makes me laugh, but the most profound video has to be "The Path to Personal Responsibility". This should be required viewing for humanity...

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