Bob McGuire

Bob McGuire

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2034 Front Rd N
Amherstburg ON N9V 3R3

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Bob is passionate about inspiring others by modeling a fun and fulfilling life by taking responsibility for everything he creates. This means owning his shortcomings and dis-creating his beliefs creating distress instead of blaming others or circumstances, as well as owning his authentic greatness and exploring all that this level of consciousness can create and awaken.


Bob could be a personal growth tour guide, having done countless courses beginning in the 70’s after an escape from a torturous and confusing primary and secondary education and traditional ‘good spiritual upbringing’.


Having grown through various life experiences (creations) involved with finding one’s way trying on various identities and leadership positions, including being ‘a spiritual being in a pleasure seeking device’ Bob has a range of life experiences allowing him to have no difficulty with owning ‘you have done no wrong that I have done or could not do.’ Harry Palmer.

His level of compassion and experience, along with an ever growing appetite for taking personal responsibility and being of service to others along with a courageous vulnerability often brings surprising and interesting viewpoints to conversations and explorations.


Bob is an Avatar Master and Wizard as is his wife Jo-Anne. A father & grandfather in a blended and multicultural family, growing up in Canada south of the US border, in Windsor ON which is south of Detroit MI with family on both sides created some interesting perspectives in terms like ‘sides’ and ‘us’ and ‘them’.


Bob’s passion for exploring and living life to the fullest has him excited about learning more... about you!

As co-founder of Windsor Men’s Forum, Windsor Family Forum, and Canadian Equal Parenting Council, Bob has many viewpoints that have no respect for political correctness and point out a sobering reality that goes beyond victim and hero drama and stereotypes to empowerment and authenticity.

Trained in Interactive Imagery by Dr. John T A Schaffer, Bob has not only accompanied hundreds of men and women heal childhood and adult traumas in various life dimensions, but also trained many others as facilitators.

Recommendation (Book / Reading)

Right now I am enjoying reading The Avatar Path2: Private Lessons again.

Section III - Mind Lands is fascinating... The Role of The Mind, The Mistakes of Mind and much more.

It sure sheds a different and exciting light on my life!

Recommendation (Exercise)

Quick and easy is Action 2 of the 'TEN ACTIONS You can do today to start taking back your life.

2 minutes!!

Try it!

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